A visit to a museum is designed to boost your well-being, as well as that of your fellow-visitors. Respecting a number of simple rules, makes your experience even more pleasurable.

The Treviso city museums are designed to be enjoyed by everyone. Fitted with ramps and elevators, they provide access to those with mobility issues, who are eligible for a complimentary ticket, for themselves and a companion.

Backpacks and bulky hand-luggage can be checked for free in the lockers at the entrance of each of the city’s museums, enabling visitors to enjoy their time unencumbered.

Photographs and video
Visitors are welcome to take photographs and make videos for personal use. No professional equipment is allowed, and flash photography is prohibited.

Take a break
The Treviso city museums all offer comfortable seating for when visitors need to take a short break, to stop and appreciate where they are.

Companion animal
Small dogs are allowed access to the Treviso city museums.

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