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Museo Luigi Bailo

In the evenings, as I strolled the streets of my town, I occasionally met a man who, as he walked, cut the air as if he had two huge wings on his back. He wore an unusual greatcoat with a cape feature that fluttered behind him, and he held his head erect, his face framed by a goatee beard. How I envied his carefree striding gait …”
Arturo Martini nelle parole di Giovanni Comisso

Sparked by the abbot Bailo’s love of collecting to become the pride of the city’s artistic heritage, Treviso’s Casa dell’Arte del ‘900 or Art Gallery of the Twentieth Century, sheds light on one hundred years of awe-inspiring achievement:  a century that bore witness to thoroughgoing change, not least in terms of new idioms. Here we can trace a narrative informed by intense scrutiny, deep-rooted feelings, and restless recollections.

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