Treviso’s museums for scholars

Treviso’s museums for scholars

A special welcome is extended by the Museums of Treviso to scholars, critics, academics and researchers from all over the world. In addition to having access to our specialist library, they can apply to inspect works, both those exhibited and those in storage, as well as request reproductions.

The Biblioteca Specialistica (to give it its name in Italian,) of the Museo di Santa Caterina is a repository for art historical and museological publications and other materials accumulated over many years related to the artefacts exhibited in the city’s museums and galleries.

The library is open by appointment only to accredited scholars as well as university students.

In addition, each of the city’s museums hold extensive collections of information on both the artworks exhibited and those in storage, on the artists as well as on the city’s art historical background. Scholars are welcome to consult the archive, which contains a wealth of historical documents, as well as images, including photographs. Researchers can request to inspect artworks, whether exhibited or in storage, while reproductions can be provided for further study

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