Choose one of our locations for your special events

Choose one of our locations for your special events

Looking to book a destination wedding with a difference? Want to organise a photo-shoot with precious works of art as a backdrop? The minimalist settings of the Museo Bailo provide a prestigious setting for presentations, while the lovely light in the cloisters of the Museo di Santa Caterina is ideal for an early-evening classical music recital

The museums of Treviso are available for private event rentals to corporations and associations, as well as private individuals, these prestigious venues adding a cultural dimension to any special social occasion.
The elegantly understated Museo di Santa Caterina is available, upon application, for weddings or similarly special private occasions, while the cloisters would be perfect for meetings or other corporate events, as well as for musical recitals or similar.
The Casa Robegan can be rented out for exhibitions, while the refined minimalist lines of the Museo Bailo lend themselves to commercial photo shoots where a product would be seen to best advantage against an artistic background. The museum is equally suited to high-profile affairs; the function room (sala polivalente) is ideal for speaker meetings, and conferences, or other initiatives.


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